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6 juin 2017

HITECH ONE is recognized as a Private Research Center approved by the Ministry of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Innovation.

June 2017: The state-of-the-art of its advanced technology in scalable & modular embedded expert systems, and its international patent filing, which amongst others things, have enabled HITECH ONE to be recognized [...]

22 mai 2017

Three-dimensional experience and virtual reality

May 2017: After the sensory experience, the three-dimensional virtual experience. The module comes to life, locates and knows its position in a 3D space. Motion Capture (MOCAP), a method of acquiring and recordi[...]

22 mars 2017

A breeding ground for innovation and creativity.

1st quarter 2017: A work environment that encourages research, a breeding ground for innovation and creativity. Period of recruitment of specialized engineers Intensive Research and Development. Extension of R&[...]

Think divergently, act differently

After 3 years of secret brainstorming and unmediated research & development : some new innovative products, smart and miniaturized for which a patent has been applied are being developed within the new HITECH-ONE Lab.

Their specificity: A customisable and intuitive Human-Machine real time Interface optimized to the maximum, an onboard uncommon intelligence, an ultra mobility in an almost human sensory system connected bubble.

The integration of the latest technologies, hardware and software of the market allows embedded computing power, ultra mobility, real-time visualization and 3D virtual simulation with realistic movement and displacement of the remote new HiTECH ONE connected objects.

The new electronic components, the higher MCU computing power and the new onboard storage units make now possible the development of more complex algorithms, allowing the information to be processed locally but also and above all, the transfer of relevant and less voluminous data.


Technological excellence

Improve the management, efficiency and quality of our product and our future products, simplify the access to complex IOT technologies for all designers

Constant agility

Allowing the company to pivot strategically, free from constraints and nurture a constant potential for growth based on innovation and creativity

Human involvement

Create buy-in from our team, both internal (employees) & external (clients) to drive the success for our strategy

Who we are

Hitech One is an innovative structure that relocates the human mind at the center of the innovative thought.

The company is specialized in the design of miniaturized and intelligent embedded systems. Its experienced team anticipates future technologies with the aim of transforming innovation into progress.

The creative essence of the company is derived from the fusion of some intangible elements such as its divergent thinking, R & D philosophy, path of knowledge and singular vision of the future.

Its motto is "Think divergently and act differently".

Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.

- Stephen Hawking

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