MODULUM from HITECH ONE: The merging of IoT and Blockchain technologies

Hitech One is working on the development of a disruptive device, unique in the world of IOT:
MODULUM, the first communicating miniaturized, modular and smart object to interface the real world and the Blockchain one.


MODULUM = Smart modular IoT device EWEGA + BLOCKCHAIN technology

MODULUM: The Internet of Things and the Blockchain, two technologies for a common destiny.

Modulum : IoT and Blockchain fusion. © Hitech One 2017



Modulum is designed to combine the strengths of a modular IOT platform and the potentialities of blockchain. It’s also a vast territory of opportunities to explore, a new socio-economic model, a pragmatic and ambitious market.

The innovation

This project concretizes the first modular IoT device allowing an interface between the real world and a blockchain. The choice of power, the modular technical characteristics, the free design of an embedded application and the easy use of blockchains transforms a simple IOT object into an innovative and reusable product.

The Blockchain technology

Blockchain is an emerging technology based on a distributed database system that makes the transaction history tamper-proof. With a centralized system, transactions are recorded in an account book held by a third party (ex: a bank) on which are built on the trust of users. With a decentralized system, the account book is held by all users, making it impossible to forge, and eliminates the need for a third party or intermediary in charge of the validation and transaction records. The origin of the blockchain is Bitcoin, an innovative transactional technology which allows the exchange of Tokens, a form of cryptocurrency.

Blockchain is a massive, globally distributed ledger that runs on millions of computers and devices. Through a transaction, it’s able to record, certify and authenticate anything of value.  Money, bonds, titles, contracts,  publications, CVs and virtually any other form of asset can be transferred and stored peer-to-peer (P2P), privately and securely because trust is established through network consensus, cryptography, and clever code.

The market

The estimate of the growth rate of the IoT market between 2017 and 2022 is 24% per year, some analysts evaluate it around 42%. Total sales would reach $ 27.38 to 38.5 billion by this deadline. This growth can be explained by the emergence of key sectors in the needs of industry, automotive, industrial internet, robotics, retail, consumer product manufacturers, automation of buildings and connected health. The IoT sensors that seem to be the most frequently used are: gyroscopes, accelerometers, thermometers, pressuremeters, magnetometers and Luxmeters, all these sensors are integrated natively into our MODULUM product. As for the emerging blockchain market, it is already positioned on a very strong growth curve, it is still underestimated.


“Nothing and no one will be able to stop the global proliferation of the Blockchain”.