Modulum, the first modular IoT on blockchains

Hitech One and all its employees are proud to unveil their new IoT project “Modulum“, the first ever fully modular IoT connected natively to the blockchain.

Based on its first IoT platform Ewega, the new generation of the Modulum platform inherits its formidable modularity hardware and software offering a wide choice to its users among a large catalog of communication modules, sensors and energy management. The platform thus perfectly meets the requirements of the embedded application, while leaving the user with this rare ability to be able to evolve his application without having to redesign all of his connected object.


“Communication, sensors, energy, application or blockchain, evolve with technologies.”


Natively able to connect and communicate with several blockchains, the Modulum platform meets the latest expectations of different markets such as industry 4.0, supply chain, fintech and many others. Blockchain technologies like Ethereum, Hyperledger or IOTA serving a real IoT ecosystem.

The new technological players are now realizing the infinite potential offered by the blockchain within the IoT ecosystem via these new economic and social relationships. Hitech One is positioning itself as a facilitator giving its customers access to many markets in a short time.

Find more information on modulum.io