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Our actuality

Our actuality

A new era, a new cycle

The future belongs to those who see possibilities before they become obvious. John Sculley [...]

6 January 2020

Hitech One success at Las Vegas CES 2019

Hitech One's active participation at CES 2019 in Las Vegas has been a great success from industry field executives, investors and future customers. This operation to make discover their innovation on a global [...]

12 February 2019

Hitech One partner with GreenFlex

Hitech One signs a partnership and development contract with Greenflex, a subsidiary of the TOTAL group, which supports companies in energy transition and environmental performance.     In 2017, Gr [...]

3 October 2018

EVENT : HITECH ONE at Las Vegas CES 2019

The French Startup HITECH ONE (Toulouse/Blagnac) has been selected by Business France to exhibit its innovative technologies at CES 2019 in Las Vegas. The CES, or Consumer Electronics Show, is the largest annual event [...]

19 September 2018

The challenge of integrating Blockchain into IoT

Following a long technological watch, Hitech One decided in 2017 to allocate resources from its Research & Development laboratory to Blockchain technology, one of the most fundamental discoveries in the history of co [...]

11 July 2018


Hitech One is proud to announce its participation in « The Things Network »(1) powered by LoRa technology. This new generation and collaborative international network opens the communication of connected objects in t [...]

12 June 2018

Modulum, the first modular IoT on blockchains

Hitech One and all its employees are proud to unveil their new IoT project "Modulum", the first ever fully modular IoT connected natively to the blockchain. Based on its first IoT platform Ewega, the new generatio [...]

12 January 2018


The state-of-the-art of its advanced technology in scalable & modular embedded expert systems, and its international patent filing, which amongst others things, have enabled HITECH ONE to be recognized as a Private R [...]

11 July 2017

Three-dimensional experience and virtual reality

After the sensory experience, the three-dimensional virtual experience. The module comes to life, locates and knows its position in a 3D space. Motion Capture (MOCAP), a method of acquiring and recording three-dimensio [...]

18 June 2017

A breeding ground for innovation and creativity.

A work environment that encourages research, a breeding ground for innovation and creativity. Period of recruitment of specialized engineers Intensive Research and Development. Extension of R&D laborator [...]

14 May 2017